market price: $860
price: $860
Sirius will still available after this event.

Sirius will still available after this event.

During the National Day & Mid-Autumn event, all items on this page are 15% off.


Full-set $860


  • Nude doll(B70-01 body, include devil horns ) $575
  • Face-up $52
  • Wig (GW70-04)
  • Outfit (C70-04$160
  • Shoes (S70-02)
  • Body blushing $45
  • Devil horns blushing $35
  • Eyes(14mm random)


Additional purchase items:

  • During the National Day & Mid-Autumn event, you can purchase devihorns for $40and you need to add $35 for special skin colors.

     (There are no event discount for them)


Devil horns:


Resin and skin color option:

The doll in promotion picture is in normal resin.

Skin color: white, pink, normal, light tan and grey are available. Light tan skin plaese add $110, grey skin please add $70.


By different computer display, the pictures and objects will be slightly different, please make the object as the standard.