Oasis Force - Alborah
market price:

Oasis Force - Alborah

Name: Oasis Force - Alborah

Release time:2023/08/11

Resin color in the picture:White

Sales methodTime-Limited, all item will never be sold again after September. 11,2023.

Full-set $416


  • Nude doll $268:Alborah head(includes double horn)+T-16+14mm random eyes
  • Face-upIncludes facial tattoos and horn makeup )$48
  • Full Body blushing and outfit $110 : includes human body part + snake body part blushing,White Necklace*1, White Top*1, Red Cord*1
  • WigGWT-25, original wig, the look in pictures has been trimmed and styling
  • Others: birth certificate, official box, after-sale card

Additional purchase item:

  • Double horn blushing $10
  • Single horn blushing $5

Resin color option:

  • Base skin color: white, pink, normal
  • Special skin color:light tan / grey/purple/coffee skin/red skin please add $55.
  • Color matching A(Official Color):Upper body light tan + snake part coffee,please add $55.
  • Color matching B(quasi-free):Upper body white + snake part optional (you can choose any skin color from this sale),please add $55.

By different computer display, the pictures and objects will be slightly different, please make the object as the standard.