market price:$650


Release time:2022/11/09

Resin color in the picture:grey

Sales methodTime-Limited,will be discontinued after December 7,2022.

Full-set $650


  • Nude doll $410: Siesta head+B4-19 body+ Claws of Bad Omens +12mm random eyes

*To ensure that the makeup is applied, the default color of the Claws of Bad Omens is white, if you buy other skin color can also note the same skin color claws.

  • Face-up $68
  • Claws of Bad Omens blushing $45
  • Wig:GW4-30 original wig
  • Outfit $98:C4-36, including Corset*1, blouse*1, fishtail skirt*1, waist chain*1, headband*1, head covering*1, neck scarf*1
  • Shoes:S4-08
  • Others: birth certificate, official box, after-sale card

*Full set does not include the crown/mask in the picture, you can buy it separately

*Siesta special version head, only for the purchase of Siesta naked baby / full set of additional purchase, not sold separately

Additional purchase item:

  • Body blushing $45
  • Meteorite head crown+ Sobbing Mask $35, blushing $18
  • Special Head $79

Resin color option:

  • Base skin color: white, pink, normal
  • Special skin color:light tan is translucent resin default, please add $80.Grey / purple
    skin please add $55.

By different computer display, the pictures and objects will be slightly different, please make the object as the standard.