Apocalypse-Black Horsemen Withered
market price:$1113

Name:Apocalypse-Black Horsemen Withered

Release time:2022/09/28

Resin color in the picture:niello(limited)

Sales methodTime-Limited,will be discontinued after October 24,2022.

Full-set $1113


  • Nude doll $750: Withered head+B75-01 body+16mm random eyes
  • Black Horsemen armor set $108:Breastplate*1+Gloves*2+Ankle Cuffs*2+Skull Waist Accessories*9+Material Pack
  • Face-up $79:with golden hand drawn lines
  • Body blushing(including tail) $70
  • Armor set blushing $68:Including chain mounting
  • Wig:GW75-01 original wig, including metal decorations in the picture
  • Outfit $103:CT75-01, including tops*1, bottoms*1
  • Others: birth certificate, official box, after-sale card

*Full set does not include the scepter/crown/mask in the picture, you can buy it separately

Additional purchase item:

  • Crown of Desolation $45, blushing $30
  • Mask of Thorns Bones $45, blushing $30
  • Black Horsemen armor set $108, blushing $68
  • Scepter of Wither $117, blushing $45

Resin color option:

  • Base skin color: white, pink, normal
  • Special skin color:light tan is translucent resin default, please add $110.Grey skin please add $70.
  • New special skin color:niello ,only for full set, please add $208.

By different computer display, the pictures and objects will be slightly different, please make the object as the standard.